Kenton Knepper

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Kenton Knepper is considered one of the top mentalists in the world and founder of the Mentalism School. He is also one of the most prolific and respected creators of magic, mentalism, trance effects and psychological readings systems.

Kenton Knepper has consulted on shows for CBS, MTV, VH1, RTE, and more. His methods are the secrets behind many of the greatest names in mentalism and magic around the world, influencing shows from Las Vegas to India.

Kenton is credited for changing mentalism and magic with his Wonder Words influence, his principles such as "Dual Reality", Kenton's "Kolossal Killer" trick, creating altered states in performance magic and mentalism, setting psychological principles as the new standard in magical and mental performances, using actual mental influence as actual secret methods, popularizing NLP in performance, and making the most arcane, esoteric concepts practical to real world performing.

Kenton has received awards from the Psychic Entertainers Association, International Brotherhood of Magicians, Society of American Magicians, including "Magician of the Year", "The President's Award", "Advancement of Mentalism" and a lifetime "Service to Magic" award.

If you have ever heard of Derren Brown, David Blaine, Doug Henning, Keith Barry, Chris Angel, Jeff McBride, Larry Becker, and the like, then you know just a few of the names who have been influenced by the work of Kenton Knepper.

Now, it is your turn to learn from the Master.

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Luca Volpe

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Luca Volpe is a student of Kenton Knepper, author of several routines with Kenton Knepper and has contributions in the School's Mind Reading Lessons, which have received International awards.

Luca's teachings for the mentalist community received immediate International success. His "In My Mind" video teaching and his lesson "The Ultimate Chair Test Routine Act" have received high praise from world renowned magicians and mentalists including Kenton Knepper, Chuck Hickok, Ben Harris, Paolo Cavalli and many others. Luca Volpe is considered one of the most valued Italian mentalists in the world.

Luca has taken his show around the world performing to astounded audiences aboard luxury cruise lines, top-class casinos and five star hotels.

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Nefesch has performed in all of Latin America and most European countries. He is from Greece.

At the age of 24 years old Nefesch was the star of his own National TV show, which was later BANNED by the TV Network who thought Nefesch had a pact with the devil. At the age of 26 Nefesch was expelled worldwide from a Christian religion cause regardless of Nefesch's efforts to explain to them that what he does is NOT evil. They firmly believed Nefesch was a paranormal person who was in league with things other than mere performance.

In 2009 Nefesch was a finalist of the international TV how "The Next Uri Geller" in Greece.

His new ways of thinking and performing have made Nefesch a sought out performer and creator.


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J. Tank

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J. Tank is a Student of Kenton Knepper havinng studied with Kenton directly in person for many years.

Tank is co-founder of with Kenton, as well as co-creator with Kenton of: Completely Cold, S.A.R., Accidental Discovery, The Ring Thing and other classics.

Tank is also a performer known for his wry wit, subtle style and affable personality which hides his powerful influence of others.

Pablo Amirá

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Pablo Amirá is a Student of Kenton Knepper and a lover of arts.

Truly passionate for music, poetry and mentalism, Pablo developed his own unique path of artistic performance and mentalism creation.

Pablo is primarily a psychology student and mentalism author that is offering permanently new ideas and concepts for the community.

He has several popular publications with important names in mentalism, including Kenton Knepper. and independents in which he shows a piece of his mind and the importance of being an integral performer.

Pablo performs at high profile private events, television and on the radio. Pablo also lectures for mentalism professionals to expand his work in the mentalism arts in his country and around the world.

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